when you dont have enough money to pay for daycare AND dog sitting


This by far the most fucked up post on the internet.



I’ve seen several people comment that Lucy Liu is their headcanon Handmaid. I figured, hey it’s 4AM and I don’t feel like sleeping yet, why not try a photo manip? Flawed reasoning aside, I like how she turned out. 

After going through a phase where I was turning everyone I knew into giant catsmurf Avatars, trolls are remarkably easier.


@o@ aw yissss


Sailor Princesses Cosplay by by Chrome-sensei


I have so many other things to draw


UPDATED: black and white version added because it was pretty as fuck

virtualstuck sollux!

so basically i did say i was gonna base this very much on guild wars 2, so a lot of the classes are gonna be influenced by the gw2 classes

sollux is an elementalist, with his favoured element being fire!! hes that frickin asshole player who killsteals and participates in all kinds of hell. and cheats during pvp

he also hacks like crazy and its terrible

(and makes dick jokes about his staff)





Found some old pens and doodled away. I need to start a sketching before using ink. Otherwise I’m just gonna go. bluh, on the world.

Homestuck is like comfort food. Easy to turn to when things are less than what you wished for.

I would love to see you scan this!!!

hhhh seconded



photos by nicolas reusens

Red-eyed tree frogs (
Agalychnis callidryas)


garbage elk. it is shaking. its back is covered in candles which flicker ominously.

I know, I know, I should be working on my comic. But Whimbrel showed me a fursona generator. Or at least, it calls itself a fursona generator. Everything that comes out of it feels like some kind of strange and powerful deity

I’m going to call him Candleback, He is the Shadow of discarded dreams. Every time you give up on an ambition, he knows. He remembers. And he will remember your dreams long after you are gone. 

His favorite color is fuchsia. 


Evangelion 3.5: You Can (Not) Lose Your Way